Who is the most lovely spider-man cosplayer?

Thanks so much for everyone showing interest and joining the spider-man cosplay contest started on Aug 9th 2017. We can’t wait to see what everybody has prepared for the contest. Everybody showed off their best works with amazing costume, Voting will start from Aug 24th to Sep 8th, Winners will be announced by Sep 10th. Here we list all the approved participants’s contest photos and assembled into a super-showcase Album.There are totally 62 participants approved after a few rounds selection,let’s enjoy these amazing spider-man show together. You can also leave a comment at the bottom of this blog to support your favourite cosplayer,we will choose the most remarkable review to offer a Halloween themed Mask as gift.

001 From Germany

Photo Title:Silk – Swinging through the City
Cosplay Story:This was my first composing picture ever! I was jumping on my sister’s trampoline and we took the picture. And I edit it with photoshop! Sadly it’s not the best picture, but the only full body one I have


002 From UK

Photo Title:Mr Stark treats me like I’m a kid.. WHO WANTS TO PLAY FRISBEE?


003 From US

Photo title: Spidey signs a Fans Photo of Himself
Contest Slogan:Does whatever a spider can to make a fan feel special
Cosplay Story:This picture was guring the Spider-Man Homecoming movie and this little girl just loved Spidey. She bought a print from this charity group I’m in which acted as a donation to the Make-a-Wish foundation. She then wanted me to sign it for her because “you can’t get a picture of Spidey and not have him sign it.” So I signed it and she gave me a hug and it made my day to touch her heart and it made her day because I got to inspire her.


004 From US

Photo title: The Amazing Spider-Man
Cosplay Story:I CAUSEplay, visiting children’s hospitals and charities dressed as superheroes for this kids!


005 From Canada

Photo title: Hero for All
Contest Slogan:Does whatever a spider can to make a fan feel special
Cosplay Story:Nothing is more rewarding then having little kids come running to you so that they can high five Spider-Man and ask if you can shoot webs around the room.


006 From US

Photo title: Consumed Spider-Man
Contest Slogan:Be who you want with cosplay!
Cosplay Story:I have likes spiderman ever since i was a little kid. He has always been my favorite superhero out of all, so ive always wanted to cosplay as him! i did not have much money to be able to buy my own suit so i decided to make one, and i did. I am very proud of the suit that i made.


007 From US

Photo title: ArkhamKnight2001 Homemade Civil War
Contest Slogan:Friendly Neighborhood Churro Eating Webslinger!
Cosplay Story:After seeing the homemade suit in Civil War, I knew that I could make it by myself. If 15yr Peter Parker can, so can I. Most of the suit is from Amazon or other local stores. I designed the webshooters in Tinkercad and had them 3d printed. Now I can eat Churros and catch Bad Guys all day long!


008 From US

Photo title: Toledo’s Spider-Man
Contest Slogan:John Romita Sr. would be proud to see his Spider-Man in real life.
Cosplay Story:As a boy, all I’ve ever wanted to be was the Amazing Spider-Man. His morals, determination, and the words he lives by that his Uncle Ben explained to him, have always hit close to home. Now as an adult, I was able to fashion together a suit and tone my body to look like John Romita Sr’ version of Spider-Man. With it, it’s been a blast to suit up and help bring smiles to kids of all ages in my local community. If it’s one thing that Peter Parker has always taught me it is that with great power, comes great responsibility.


009 From US

Photo title: Spidertron (spider-man tron)
Contest Slogan:Norcalspidey aka SPIDER–TRON
Cosplay Story:Spider-Tron is a what if suit.. What if Peter Parker crossed over to the digital world aka (the grid) making him Peter Sam Flynn Parker .. The grid will never be the same


010 From Cambodia

Photo title: Spider-Man Homemade suit
Contest Slogan:Every Super Hero make their own costume
Cosplay Story:I really loveeee cosplay so much and it hard to doing it in my country and i want to let my country know about cosplay more than nowaday.


011 From Canada

Photo title: Spider-man – The League of Super Heroes – Ottawa
Contest Slogan:Who is the most lovely Spider-man of 2017
Cosplay Story:I’m a 34 year old Dad. During the day I work as a Draftsperson for a surveying company and on the weekends or on my free time I do charity work with a group called the League of Superheroes. Being Spider-man is probably the most amazing thing I have ever done. I enjoy the character and seeing the faces of the little ones light up when they see me.


012 From US

Photo title: Just chill’in
Contest Slogan:Am I an ‘Avenger’ yet!?
Cosplay Story:This is my story. My curse. This is my city, this is …my responsibility! I am SactownSpide, coming from the capitol of California. I have been suiting up in alleys for 4 years now! Touching the lives of 100s of people and perforning visits to childrens events , hospitals, schgools and MORE! Just like Spidey himself , my favorite part of throwing on the mask is no one will know the funny faces I make, AND because it allows me to BE THE HERO and do things that no one would allow me to do otherwise,,, when in the suit the people enjoy it and it means the world to me. Sactownspidey out! *THWIP THWIP*


013 From US

Photo title: The Darkness Taking Over You!
Contest Slogan:Too much darkness can consume you.
Cosplay Story:I started cosplaying in 2013, I never thought I would be protraying my favorite superheroes. It was cool to see a lot of people show such love for my cosplays. I grew a fandom through it, but I started to go down a wrong path. I started to be consumed with so much attention,”fame” and I grew a terrible ego through it. I started hanging out with very negative people who convinced me to do things I look at now as selfish and hate. As I gained many good friends, I earned many enemies. The people that truly cared about me finally showed me that I was the person I wanted to be. After a year of just figuring myself out I finally ripped those negative people and things out of my life. It wasn’t easy and took a lot of work for me to the ones I betrayed forgive me. finally at this point at my life I am now happy with who i am. As Peter Parker uncle would say “with great power, comes great responsibility”


014 From US

Photo title: Spiderman Symbiote takeover
Contest Slogan:Live your life to the fullest.
Cosplay Story:My 1st cosplay was 3 years ago in a Halloween store Spiderman suit. Through the years I have competed in contests, volunteered in hospitals, worked with Make a Wish, and done countless birthday parties. Being a cosplayer has changed my life tremendously.


015 From Canada

Photo title:Ben reilly sensational spiderman by oilcityspidey
Contest Slogan:Be the hero they think you are
Cosplay Story:Decided to customize my favorite spiderman suit. Suit is fully puffpainted with the hexagon pattern using slick red puffpaint. Spider is outlined in metallic silver. No faceshell in this setup to allow for a more natural look. I hope you all like it.


016 From US

Photo title:Doing whatever a spider can
Contest Slogan:Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Cosplay Story:I got in to Spider-Man cosplaying in 2012 after seeing The Amazing Spider-Man. I’ve made most of my own suits by myself from scratch. This particular suit is one that I made and is 7 separate pieces, held together with snaps. Cosplaying Spider-Man motivated me to lose weight and get in better shape, and it really changed my life for the better.


017 From India

Photo title:The Amazing Spiderman
Contest Slogan:Live what you have dreamt
Cosplay Story:I had a dream when i first saw Spiderman movie. It almost took me 6 years to live my dream, and The Amazing spiderman happened. I stitched my costume and it took me 1.5 years to complete. Today i am the Spiderman.


018 From US

Photo title:Civil War Spiderman
Contest Slogan:Swing into action!
Cosplay Story:I fell in love with the updated design of The newest Spiderman the moment i saw it. I loved the blend the classic red and blue with the black chevrons from captain americas suit style.


019 From US

Photo title: Seraphima Cosplay
Cosplay Story:I absolutely love Spinneret (MJ) and resonate with her because she is a wife and mother trying to balance family life and being a hero for those in need (I do charity work in cosplay). She is also powerless without the suit, so it is literally the suit that makes her strong, just like I feel stronger and feel more powerful once I put on my suits.


020 From US

Photo title:Superior Spider-Man


021 From Australia

Photo title:Spider on a Friday Night
Contest Slogan:I’m just here to make you laugh
Cosplay Story:Everyone knows Spider-Man (or at least, most people do), so cosplaying as Spider-Man is a great chance to get out and put smiles on the faces of kids! The amount of times we’ve done a photoshoot at the park and get called out by little kids, and have them come up for photos and high-fives, I love it! It’s quite possibly the greatest feeling I have experienced in my 22 years of life.


022 From US

Photo title:With great power comes great responsibility!
Contest Slogan:Cosplay is for everyone!
Cosplay Story:I cosplay not for fame, not to be the best, and not for money. I cosplay because it’s what I love to do and it makes people happy!!


023 From US

Photo title:Insomniac Spider-Man
Contest Slogan:Spider sense tingling..
Cosplay Story:I just love making life more enjoyable


024 From UK

Photo title:Photo title:
Contest Slogan:The world may mock Peter Parker… It will soon marvel at the awesome Spider-Man!
Cosplay Story:I have been cosplaying for a few years now. But my favourite character to be is Spidey. For this suit I actually designed the pattern on photoshop using references from the old Ditko Spider-Man. Once it was finished I then sent it off to a company zentaizone to have it printed and sewn. I attached my own shoes by hand sewing them into the suit, I also installed a wrist zipper for convenience for comic cons.


025 From India

Contest Slogan:It’s-a-me! The anorexic Spider!”
Cosplay Story:I am proud of being Spider-Man. I have always been a massive Spidey fan since childhood and wanted to meet him in real life. When I finally got the chance to actually “BE” the Spider-man, I was in tears. It was such an amazing experience. I guess this is what cosplay does to you. I’m also very happy to see XCoser taking such good initiatives to help a lot of cosplayers and giving them a chance to grow and a platform to express themselves. I have been a former promoter and collaborater of XCoser since almost 1 year now, and I see them become better and better, each time.


026 From US

Photo title:Spider-Man: Homecoming Cosplay
Contest Slogan:Whoa, he just stole that guy’s pizza!


027 From US

Photo title:Kai Play Arts Spider man
Contest Slogan:Great Power Come Great Reponsibility
Cosplay Story:This suit is one my best spidey suit i got, From RPC Studio, I always by my suits at Zentai Zone or Zenati Zentai, But This is one my fav suits of all time. This Is the Play Arts Kai Spiderman Suit based on the toy made by square enix which I play most thier games on it. I had best photoshoots and got invovle more events that I ever had in the past. I been doing cosplay since 2012 and this suit is one my best ones of all time.


028 From Spain

Photo title:Spider-sense Activated


029 From US

Photo title:Hero Within
Contest Slogan:A Hero lies Within all of us


030 From Canada

Photo title:Astonishing Spiderman textured and airbrushed
Contest Slogan:In it to win it!
Cosplay Story:This is the Astonishing Spider-Man pattern from GunheadDesign. All hand PuffPainted and textured by myself. Weblines are also done by hand and then the suit is airbrushed afterwards for additional muscle tones. One of my favourites!!!


031 From Singapore

Photo title:The Unlimited Spider-San
Contest Slogan:The way of the arachnid is found thru great responsibility.


032 From US

Photo title:Classic “Spidey”


033 From US

Photo title: Spiderific
Contest Slogan:Does whatever a spider can!
Cosplay Story:I can stick to walls and things… So I climbed a pole and took a flick!


034 From Spain

Photo title:Real Life Spiderman Parkour
Contest Slogan:As the real Peter Parker, I make my own photos and videos fighting crime and jumping around the city!
Cosplay Story:I began cosplaying Spiderman and practicing Parkour since I was very little, and now, I became the Spanish Spiderman on Youtube!


035 From US

Photo title:Spider Muscle
Contest Slogan:A Hero 24/7
Cosplay Story:I’m a police officer so I love to be a super hero in real life and for fun!


036 From UK

Photo title: Spiderman homecoming homemade suit
Contest Slogan:Spiderman homecoming homemade suit
Cosplay Story:This year, I went to mcm comic con as spiderman and I was happy because everyone loved it. All compliments and little kids asking for pictues I made a happy kid


037 From Australia

Photo title:Captain Spidey


038 From UK

Photo title:Me spidey
Cosplay Story:I’ve all ways being in to spiderman since I was a kid watching on tv in 80s.and other Cosplay tv themes


039 From US

Photo title:Kick Ass Spiderman Homecoming Homemade Cosplay
Contest Slogan:Chillin in the streets of New York.
Cosplay Story:I was super inspired by the new movie and spent over a month making it in time for this years San Diego Comic Con. Hope you all like it!


040 From US

Photo title:Vote Iron Spider
Contest Slogan:Tony made this so pick it don’t hurt his feelings
Cosplay Story:Wanted to thank my family and friends without them this costume wouldn’t exist


041 From US

Photo title:Wisconsin webslinger
Contest Slogan:With great power, there must also come great responsibility. Without struggles, we wouldn’t be who we are today.
Cosplay Story:I started cosplaying Spider-Man for a few reasons. Ever since I was a young child, I remember running around the room in my little raimi costume, watching the original trilogy movies (back then, only 1 and 2 existed) jumping off of the couch, just trying my best to be the character. There was this one time when I was around 6 years old, I had to go to the dentist, I was really scared so i decided to wear my costume under my clothes. About halfway through the appointment, the dentist noticed my costume and said “I’ll have to tell my kids that Spiderman came in today” and smiled. From those childhood memories, Spider-Man has always been an important character to me. He is easily relatable, throughout part of elementary and all of middle school, I had been bullied. But I just tried to remember, that I was stronger than it all. I could fall back on Spider-Man and it would be my happy place. Now that I am old enough, and that cosplay has advanced, I love being able to suit up and go around town. No one cares about who is behind the mask, you’re seen as a hero to people of all ages, especially children. I love being able to spread my love for the character to others, even if it’s just making them smile for the day. The closer to authentic you can be, the better you look. Cosplaying Spider-Man has also given me the positive encouragement to work out and keep myself healthy, along with learning some tricks. I just love being able to share my passion with others, and if I could win thie contest I know it would help me even more.


042 From US

Photo title:Spider-Gwen Morales
Cosplay Story:Never imagined myself having the courage to wear a skin tight suit. I’ve always been shy about my small and super skinny size. This suit symbolized my plunge into having fun, no matter what people think of it.


043 From US

Photo title:Spider Gwen
Contest Slogan:The most webtastic female out there!


044 From Australia

Photo title:webswinging
Contest Slogan:who is the lovely spiderman cosplay contest
Cosplay Story:shot by Tony and dave cosplay photography. always wanted to be spiderman as a kid. as a character he was the most relatable to me.


045 From US

Photo title:Wall Stall
Contest Slogan:Mr. Stark didn’t put me up to this…
Cosplay Story:I can not give myself enough credit to call me a cosplayer, but a kid thats always loved Spider-man. That inner kid comes out when i put this suit on.


046 From Canada

Photo title:Calgary Comic con one handed hand stand
Contest Slogan:Who is the most lovely Spiderman
Cosplay Story:Was at Calgary comic book expo and started a flash mob of Spidermans. I was so excited i decided to try a one handed hand stand for my first time ever. And nailed it with some Spidermans in the background.


047 From UK

Photo title: Symbiote civil war spiderman
Contest Slogan:It’s good to be bad
Cosplay Story:picture is from mcm comic con in may I was looking for a good place to pose when my girlfriend found the perfect spot and thus the spidey pose was born


048 From US

Photo title: Snowyspidey
Contest Slogan:Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.
Cosplay Story:I believe the world has enough problems but when you are told you are nothing because of who you are or what you do, none of it matters anymore when you put on the mask. Now people will love you without seeing your skin color, age, gender or other petty things and they see you as the embodiment of their childhood hero or role model. With the suit on you are more than just you. You are an inspiration to everyone you meet and the problems of the world seem to fade away for just a little while.


049 From UK

Photo title:Yorkshire Scarlet Spider Kaine
Contest Slogan:All the power…none of the responsibilty!
Cosplay Story:It’s always been my dream to cosplay my favourite Spider – Kaine Parker aka the second Scarlet Spider and I got my wish granted last year – I love being the webhead and look forward to meeting more crazy people and having fun in the webs!


050 From UK
050 From UK

Photo title:Spiderman_uk
Contest Slogan:Vote for friends friendly neighbourhood spidey
Cosplay Story:I’ve been cosplaying as spidey for a few years appearing at partys etc but over the last year or so I’ve found being spidey holds responsibility, and I found how to use it. I now mainly stick to children’s charity’s and try to bring light where there is none. I’m not looking for glory nor am I looking to change the world, but maybe try to change the world of children one child at a time, and by voting will help me do that. Please vote for me and help me bring smiles to children and adults alike.


051 From US

Photo title:Suburban_spider
Contest Slogan:Keeping ur suburbs Safer than they already were!
Cosplay Story:A Spider-Man cosplayer helped cheer me up days after I lost my grandfather. I was 5 and was sadder than I ever thought possible. However, when I got shot with silly string, all my troubles went away. The man under that mask will never know how much I was impacted but it’s my responsibility to pass the joy on!


052 From
052 From US

Photo title:Watchful Hero
Contest Slogan:Thwip!
Cosplay Story:I began cosplaying two years ago. I have always admired Spider-Man, and decided he was who I wanted to bring to life. Now I can make the character come to life for little boys and girls that, much like me, admire the hero.


053 From Canada

Photo title:Upsode down spidy
Contest Slogan:Your pal spiderman
Cosplay Story:I been dressing up for years and i make all my costumes


054 From US

Photo title:Protecting the state capital
Contest Slogan:Just crawling around
Cosplay Story:Photo by the amazing Rick Currier photography, on the second level of our state capital building.


055 From Australia

Photo title:A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Contest Slogan:When you have the power to be someone’s hero, it’s your responsibility to be the hero they admire
Cosplay Story:I started out in 2015 with cosplay as an amateur looking for thrills when wearing a costume. But it’s become so much more than just costumes. It’s become an escape to my favorite universes. With new adventures, new challenges, and new friend


056 From Malaysia

Photo title:Spidey is the best❤


057 From UK

Photo title:Ultimate Spider-Man
Contest Slogan:Your friendly neighbourhood Spidey
Cosplay Story:Spider-Man was my first choice of character to cosplay and it’s incredible making kids dreams come true and meeting other cosplayers at comic cons and just having fun and I also add various mods to my spidey cosplays to make myself stand out more and I’m just a normal guy like Peter Parker himself.


058 From Spain

Photo title:Silk is back!
Contest Slogan:Analogic-girl strikes again!
Cosplay Story:It was my first spider-cosplay. Silk is an old-school girl and an real fighter, i always feel very confident cosplaying her.


059 From US

Photo title:Full Symbiote
Contest Slogan:Forget responsibility, time for some great power!
Cosplay Story:I really love this picture, I’ve taken some that I think look better but I had a lot of fun this day. It was extremely hot in all black spandex, but it made kids smile so it was worth it. You can’t tell because I’m wearing a mask but I was really happy in this picture. I love cosplay because I don’t just get to cheer up people, seeing them happy cheers me up too.


060 From US

Photo title:Crawling in the DM’s, like…
Contest Slogan:Who is the most lovely Spider-Man of 2017?
Cosplay Story:I started cosplay as an outlet to express my creative ideas with a community of great people, the reason I chose Spider-Man to cosplay is because he is such a relatable character on so many levels, from being bullied for being a “nerd” to struggling to be there for everyone he cares for, and none of this is made any easier when he gets his powers they truly make his life a bit more difficult. And I find it incredibly that he still pushed through and continues to help people.


061 From US

Photo title:The name is Anti-Gwenom
Contest Slogan:Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. If you believe you can live up to wearing the mask, then wear it without doubt.
Cosplay Story:I wanted to do something different when it came to be a Spidey. I saw the suit & thought to myself has anyone tried to pull off Anti-Gwenom or how well I would stand out from other Spideys. So I got the suit & I get so many reactions from fans & other cosplayers, especially from other Spideys; so being Anti-Gwenom really gave me the opportunity to not just be apart of the Spider-Man community but also being my own Spider-Man.


062 From UK

Photo title:The Mighty Mr Mooresky
Contest Slogan:Farewell Peter Parker. Know this, I will carry on in your name. You may be leaving this world, but you are not leaving it to a villain. I swear I will be Spider-Man. Better yet, with my unparalleled genius and my boundless ambition I’ll be a better Spider-Man than you ever were. From this day forth I shall become…the Superior Spider-Man.
Cosplay Story:I’m very much a DIY cosplayer, always been into arts and crafts so to stand out in a crowd of printed Spider-Man suits, to be unique, I hand make my costumes, buying all that I need and assembling it ask myself with no assistance of any kind. Through this method, I’ve made great friends both Spidey and non-Spidey cosplayers and I’ve been able to make 8 different Spider-Man costumes which I wear to cons, charity events and children parties

Thanks again for all the participants, If you would like check the voting results, Please click voting link: https://goo.gl/vq9gMP
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Designer Retrospect The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask

Billy Russo appears in the live-action Netflix series The Punisher, portrayed by Ben Barnes. This version is Frank Castle’s former best friend who served alongside in the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance as a Scout Sniper. After he left the Marines, Russo started his own private military contracting firm Anvil. Coming from a traumatizing background, he is nicknamed “Billy the Beaut” by his friend due to his good looks and womanizing habits.

In season one, because Castle repeatedly slamming Russo’s face into a carousel mirror, maiming him and disfiguring his face. Russo is last seen in a hospital bed with his head wrapped in bandages.

In season two, Billy, having recovered but suffering from memory loss along with mild scarring on his face, starts wearing a mask with a shattered visage .

The above is an excerpt from Wikipedia

When Billy put on the Mask he became Jigsaw. This is a mask of significance, I think fans will like it. So I decided to fabrication it. A The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask.

First make a clay mould out of the clay.


I’m sorry that I destroyed the finished product and forgot to take photos.

Then mold several latex samples, and add color.

The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask Latex

There seems to be something wrong with this.

Blacking this part, perfect.

The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask Latex 2

Finally, make a resin mask. A The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask 

The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask regin

The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask compare

Resin mask are harder than latex mask, so resin mask suitable for wear.

Hope fans will like my work

The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask

A The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Mask 

Designer diary Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge


I recently saw someone on reddit showing off his , and somebody commented” Shiny. Where’d you get it from?” Others saw” The S.T.A.R.S. badge from Resident Evil is taken from The Terminator.” The badges that appeared in both of popular works must be a good material, so I decided to fabrication it. A Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge.

The old way, sketch first.

Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge sketch

As usual, take a break.


Set to work.

Computer graphics, the color is a little strange.

Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge computer graphics

Renders, prefect.

Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge computer graphics

Task to complete, send it to our product department and wait for the finished product. A Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge.

March 16

Wait for a long time, I finally got my Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. badge.

Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge compare

Made of zinc alloy material, It’s basically the same as the original except usb flash drive.

If possible, we might add usb flash drive to updated version. Please look forward to.

Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge

A Resident Evil 2 S.T.A.R.S. Badge.

Designer diary Avengers: Endgame Quantum Combat Costume Cap

March 18

The avengers have finally released the new teaser trailer, many fans commented that quantum combat costume is so cool.

So I decided to design a hat with the same elements, An Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume cap.

First choose a background color, I think black is good, black could match with any other colors arbitrary. Then draw a rough sketch.

Show a sketch of the brim. Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume hat sketch

Add color.

Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume hat color drawing

Send it to our product department and wait for the finished product.

March 20

Soon after I receive an Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume cap. The conspicuous logo, the red line as decoration. Yeah, that’s what I want.

Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume hat

March 26

Recently, I found a cap that looks like my work.

Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume hat others

I think his design is a little round, I prefer the line sense of my work. Avengers: Endgame quantum combat costume cap.I hope fans will like my design more.

Avengers: Endgame Quantum Combat Costume Hat Post

Designer diary Resident Evil 2 Key

March 5

January 25, 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake, it is an awesome game, cool action design and an attractive plot.

On BBS, I see a lot of players talking about the keys.

That inspired me, so I decided to make some of my own.

First, let me draw a rough sketch. It has a specific image.

Resident Evil 2 Key draft

I admit I’m a little lazy, but I want to have a rest today.

March 6

I am back .I will work hard and make sure to finish this work today.

First, I finished the 3D drawing, which looks a little ugly.

Resident Evil 2 Key3D drawing

Render, it looks good.

Resident Evil 2 Key render drawing

Send it to our product department and wait for the finished product.

Today’s task is done. Reward myself, I can have a good dinner tonight, I am waiting for this Resident Evil 2 Key.

March 9

Three days later, our product department finally finished the product, Resident Evil 2 Key!

Let me look at it, made of zinc alloy material, 6.8cm length, a great accessory for our fans.

 Resident Evil 2 Key

If you feel a little mess. I did it on purpose. I want hound obsessive-compulsive disorder to death. ha-ha.

 Resident Evil 2 Key post

 Resident Evil 2 Key

Star War Cosplay Costume Guide 2017

Star Wars Cosplay Guide

by xcoser admin

The Last Jedi is scheduled for release on December,  Star Wars fans, are you ready to cosplay as the character you like?!
If you’re still looking for star wars cosplay outfits or accessories, no worries, just follow this guide, you’ll surely find one or two item you want.

Select by character:

Star Wars episode 1-7
1, Kylo Ren
2, Rey
3, Princess Leia
4, Han solo
5, Darth Vader
6, Luke Skywalker
7, Boba Fett
8, Poe Dameron
9, Others

Star Wars Rogue one
1, Director Krennic
2, Chirrut Imwe
3, Jyn Erso
4, Cassin Andor

1, Kylo Ren

We’ve updated TFW Kylo ren outfits for several times by accepting fan’s advice and finally we got updated V3 which is beloved by many fans now.

We’re also working on the TLJ Kylo outfit, thanks to fans in Knights of Ren group for providing advice, we will removing the zipper on cape and replaced with shoulder straps in next version.



Xcoser Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay
The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Outfit

TFA outfit / TLJ Outfit /Mid coat / Mask / Boots / Neck seal / Gloves / Wig / Watch / More

2, Rey

TFA Rey costumeTLJ Rey Costume / Belt / Bag / Gloves/ Wig / Backpack

Rey Bag and gloves are the most popular, especially the bag, it’s very practical, you can put your phone or other small belongings in it.

3,  Princess Leia

Costume/ Wig / Boots / Belt

4, Han solo

Young Han Solo  / TFA Outfit / Belt / Jacket

Han solo belt is one of the best sellers last year, it’s gonna be a necessary and perfect prop for your cosplay.

5, Darth Vader

Costume / Helmet / Belt / Boots

I would recommend the belt most, the belt is equipped with led lights, very cool and screen accurate!

6, Luke Skywalker

Star wars 8 Luke / TLJ Luke Belt / Young Luke Belt Boots

7, Boba Fett


OutfitHoodieHelmet / Belt

8, Poe Dameron

Costume / Helmet / Prop

We’ve started to repaint the helmet, the updated version will be more screen accurate.

9, Others:

Sith Acolyte mask / Darth Nihilus mask /  Mara Jade costume / Aayla Secura

Above all are what you can find in our store. But don’t forget, we have also got some awesome outfits from Rogue One. These costume has received a lot of positive feedback on social sites. especially the Director Krennic Costume. Let’s take a look.

Rogue one costumes:

Director Krennic / Chirrut Imwe / Jyn Erso / Cassin Andor

Director Krennic cosplay by Janette Mendoza, costume by Xcoser

That’s a beautiful officer 😀

SO, overall, hope this star wars cosplay guide is helpful to you and feel free to contact us on Facebook(@xcoser) or Live Chat if you have any questions or inquiries. 🙂


You want to be star lord of Guardians from the Galaxy Vol.2, right?

Recently, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters since it is launched on May 5th, the coolest hero again presents on the screen- undoubtedly Star Lord, who happens to be a cross between the swagger of Han Solo, the dance moves of Michael Jackson and the badass skills of Indiana Jones. As far as heroes go, his signature look also happens to be quite easy to replicate. Sort of. And with various events coming up that the cosplay community is dying to take part in, you can bet that everybody wants to be a Star Lord this year.

So how to dress like star lord and look like Star-Lord himself, Imagine joining intergalactic battles as Star-Lord ect. Below is the guide for making your Star Lord Costume.

Star Lord Cosplay

In the film, Peter Quill has three distinct looks. The first one is his trench-coat outfit from the beginning of the film.
Later on, he puts on a shorter jacket.And then lastly, he ties it all up with a Ravager uniform. Each jacket has a distinctive look, filled with small details and markings, as well as general wear and tear, although the trench and second act jackets have a similar base design.The outfit of Peter Quill was an instant hit as soon as the movie was in the theaters. The cosplayers and the fans of Peter Quill admired his costume.
The pants however, are a monster in the design and details department. They’ve got waxed cotton and canvas interior panels, corduroy panels and non-functional zippers. There also controls for foot-rockets mounted on the outside of the knee, leather padding on the hips and slots to place holsters for the quad blasters. In other words, these pants are an absolute beast of custom design and sewing.
What Quill is wearing, are a pair of Sketchers Diameter shoes, with custom leather spats added on top of them. Basic spats aren’t too hard to find, and you can hit an equestrian shop to stock up, The shoes might be harder to source, but you can use the Sketchers brand as a template to find something else that resembles it roughly.
Right, that’s the clothing sorted. let’s get down to props.
The most iconic part of the Star Lord gear, is easily his space helmet . Which is very cool and shinning.
Besides, the Star-Lord belt is also a must have accessory to have in your attire. Your outfit can’t be complete without the classy and stylish style belt and ultra modern boots.
The last bit of kit is the earphone, is the walkman that contains the Awesome Mix.
This guide is for all the fans of Star-Lord looking to portray their favorite character in special costume events and conventions. Give yourself a fashionable and modern look. The costumes and some props are available on our site at a reasonable price. Following is the link for Star Lord of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2.